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QBike Washing Station                                 

The first revolutionary system which is taking care of your bike. Innovative automatic washing station for any kind of bicycle. In few minutes Qbike washes with care your bicycle.
Patent system “wiperjet” is delivering streams of spouting water and detergent over all surface of your bike avoiding any damages of the bike and its components.
No chemical agents in the waste water. Very smart and simple service station to dry and take care of your own bike. Easy installation and little and simple maintenance. 

Go and try it in the Mathitech Bike Center of Trieste!!! 



  • easy installation
  • little and simple maintance
  • no chemicals agents in wastewater
  • ECO system to reduce water and detergent consumption
  • streams of spouting water and detergent designed to avoid damages of the bike and its components
  • wheels are free to rotate for the best washing result
  • industrial approach


Technical data:

  • dimension [cm] (LxWxH): 230x85x215
  • empty weight [kg]: 450
  • voltage: 220V - 50Hz
  • Power: 1,5kW
  • Water Pressure: 2 - 4 bar
  • washing program: Normal intensive
  • cycle time: 3-5 min
  • water consumption: 80lt/cycle
  • interface: very easy with fast button and colour touch-screen
  • structure: stainless steel
  • CE conformity


 Here is the downloadable PDF about the QBike